TR Transportation Consultants, Inc. is a consulting firm, which specializes in providing a wide range of professional services on transportation, and public works related projects. The objective of the firm is to fulfill the need for these types of services under strict in-house quality control guidelines.

The firm’s primary goal is to service the needs of our clientele in a professional and focused atmosphere. The firm’s ability to develop comprehensive practical solutions, which are cost effective, has earned TR Transportation a favorable reputation. The staff of TR Transportation has developed a work ethic which encompasses significant personal pride in the quality of their work and the timely completion of projects. TR Transportation Consultants incorporates the most current "state-of-the-art" technology in the work place to ensure that they maintain a level above the competition. TR Transportation's goal to continue providing quality services and representation is a commitment which was established at the time the firm was first organized.

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Mr. Treesh has over 20 years experience in the area of transportation engineering and transportation planning. Specifically, he has expertise in the areas of traffic impact studies, corridor planning studies, traffic signal justifications studies and traffic signal systems analysis.
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Vice President

Mr. Fellows has significant experience in preparing street lighting plans, pursuant to criteria set forth by the Florida Department of Transportation, as well as, AASHTO and ANSI/IESNA RP-8-00. Experience includes both pole mounted and bridge deck mounted street lights, conducting photometric calculations, coordinating service point design and conductor wire determinations.
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Project Consultant

Performed and assisted in the preparation of traffic impact studies for various land uses and development intensities. Land uses analyzed include, but are not limited to, shopping centers, medical buildings, office buildings, residential developments, industrial developments, schools, and mixed uses.
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TR Transportation Consultants, Inc. has extensive experience with the engineering services necessary for the design of traffic signals and signal systems, including preparations of plans, special provisions and cost estimates. Staff’s combined experience of over twenty-five years in the traffic signal design and system work has maintained TR Transportation’s qualifications in this type of work. Our personnel understands state-of-the-art modern traffic signal systems, including knowledge of traffic signal hardware, traffic control equipment, vehicle detectors, traffic signal control strategy, and communication equipment.

The staff of TR Transportation has also authored and modified technical special provisions as part of signal design and signal system work. Depending upon the adequacy of existing pay items and specifications, new and upgraded signal systems may require specific equipment that may not be covered in standard specifications. TR Transportation is familiar with FDOT specifications and has attended FDOT training related to the preparation of new specifications.

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